¿What we offer?

I offer you a day of conscious sailing in SADA.

We will set white sails, in our steering course to freedom.



We will sail as if we were heading to cape fear, that place of our personal shore some people do not want even mention; the place of our highest challenges, that of our tallest thick inner walls.

We will imagine ourselves already on the other side to visit other capes with other names, good hope, cape optimism, happy shore, fullness lighthouse. Look for in your chart for peaceful bay for instance. Sail and imagine other seas, other shores.

If you think carefully, there is only one vast sea kissing always the same shore. In that sea we will sail you imagine it or not.

Itaca and myself love these days out sailing. Those who come on board whether they know each other or not , get inspired by the talk and relate stories step by step. Stories of their past they did not know they had, they alternatively evoke possible futures but not probable or simply enjoy listening now sitting on the toe rail, now back in the cockpit.

Those are hours we strongly feel, I swear, as if we were far away from our homes, from our country and the world. Well placed on our inner being we baked in the presence of this power, that of being together, sharing. Many times, out of immense pleasure, in our lively conversations we remain most of the time silent, motionless.

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If you feel the challenge of a conscious sailing, bring along your travelling companions and enjoy Itaca for a full day. You can be up to seven people, I will accompany you in your journey. It can be touching to reunite on board with family and friends we do not see frequently. To see again those whom we shared in the past possible futures; futures already conquered may be,,, we will call them remembrances. Equally emotional even if we see each other every day, but not rocked by the waves, with salty lips and wind in the face. Wherever you come from, wherever you go.



“Out there is the vast open empty sea up to the horizon, there the sky opens up for the running clouds. In the accidental forms shaped by the wind man insists on recognizing figures: a sailboat, a hand, an elephant,,,”

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To be present and contemplate how the sun goes down behind the horizon as you sail along broad reach steering to your well deserved rest at the harbour or at anchor in quiet bay is one of the most preferred experiences on board. Do not miss it, enjoy those moments, be conscious and enjoy the power of now.


This experience we will have it between 20:30 and 22:30.

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Itaca can be your onboard workshop scenario.

Let me be the Captain of your boat knowledge.


If you master a discipline and you whish to give any kind of training on board, let me be at the helm of your travel.

I dream of a number of startups, good coaching, PNL, psychotherapy, yoga initiation, good food on board, timeless architecture, I dream at nights, and I dream by day too.

Caring ITACA

Once a month I offer one morning or afternoon session free for those educational organizations for handicapped people or in severe risk of social exclusion that could see in us a small helping lighthouse in their difficult progress.

We will look into every opportunity to guarantee safety on board.


As a RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Commercially endorsed and “Capitán de Yate Profesional” I offer myself to skipper boats for owners interested in conscious sailing, good on board experiences driven by great professionalism and discretion as well as participating in educational projects of high level.